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Welcome to « Les Éditions Alnéus »

                  Founded in Ottawa in February 2012 by Professor and Writer Flarès Alnéus,

« Les Éditions Alnéus » set themselves the task of publishing authors of various origins. They represent a space for debates, therefore a platform where lovers of beautiful letters can meet to discuss and exchange around writing and literature. « Les Éditions Alnéus » is part of a pluralist approach, it is a welcoming literary house, with a very wide opening. The arrival of  « Les Éditions Alnéus » in the Canadian literary landscape will serve to meet the enormous expectations of authors from all walks of life, wishing to be published and to make themselves known. It will also want to promote literature beyond borders. « Les Éditions Alnéus » is a local literary house, because we are ready not only to offer you our books in bookstores, libraries, online, but also to travel to offer them to any community eager to learn more. take notice.


            « Les Éditions Alnéus » has a diversified editorial line. They publish literary genres, such as: Novels, Stories, Essays, Short stories, Poems, Chronicles, Tales, Stories, and Youth novels. We have a catalog that brings together all types of culture and imagination. We publish authors from North America, Europe, India, Amerindian, Africa, Caribbean, Asia and Others.

              « Les Éditions Alnéus » propose to publish differently while bringing down the Berlin Wall which is erected between authors and traditional publishers. We note that a good number of texts which have been rejected out of hand, without being read and analyzed by traditional publishers, have subsequently become bestsellers. So we agree that not all the manuscripts that were refused were not publishable. It is therefore this intellectual prejudice that we want to silence!

            Consequently, « Les Éditions Alnéus » propose to publish books by adopting a flexible, user-friendly publication policy that respects the creative efforts of the authors. They therefore have a dynamic and competent team, ready to take charge of your publication projects in order to place your books on the shelves of bookstores and promote them. At « Les Éditions Alnéus », we are not only Editors, but also, we are advisers, ready to welcome and supervise all those who would like to exercise this so noble profession of writer.


         At « Les Éditions Alnéus » all the texts we receive are read, analyzed and evaluated fairly. Then, we will decide which ones deserve to be selected for publication, improvement, or they can be refused after analysis.


Thanks for submitting!

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